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Using multi-tab browsers with Maximo

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When using multi-tab browsers (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox), users cannot log into Maximo as separate sessions in different tabs. When a user logs out or is timed out of one session, all tabs are affected,


Web applications such as Maximo do not identify separate web sessions. The browser uses cached session information saved temporarily on the user's machine (a session cookie). When using a portal or network redirected cache, each user has a separate data cache store.
Therefore, when one tab or window logs out, the session cookie is deleted and all other tabs or windows are timed out as well.


Normally, Internet Explorer 8 shares session cookies across all browser sessions, whether using multiple tabs or a single tab. However, you can generate a separate session cookie by starting a new Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 browser session with the -nomerge option. Doing this will generate a new row in the MAXSESSION table (for more information on MAXSESSION table functionality, see link below).

If by reason of policy, you are barred from using the -nomerge option, you are limited to a single browser window.

Mozilla Firefox does not currently support -nomerge.

As described in this technote, the multibrowsersupport property in, introduced for use with Internet Explorer 7, allows each tab in the browser to access Maximo with a new "state" session. The state of each tab is maintained separately while the main session remains shared across tabs. When the webclient.multibrowsersupport parameter is set to true, you can use more than one tab without logging out the other tab(s) automatically.

Notwithstanding the above, the session cookie is shared. When one browser tab or window logs out or is timed out, the session cookie is deleted. All other tabs or windows Maximo sessions are immediately ended as well.

When using Maximo 7.5 or later and Control Desk 7.5.x or later, make sure that webclient.useabsoluteimagepath is set to true in

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