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Launch in Context from Hyperlink within Maximo 7.5

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Can Launch in Context from Hyperlink be configured within Maximo 7.5?


In the following example, ‘WOTRACK_TEST’ Launch in Context entry will be used to access ‘http://servername/wonum={WONUM}. {WONUM} will be substituted from the value on the Work Order.

1) Log into Maximo – Go To – System Configuration – Platform Configuration – Launch in Context. Click on ‘New Record’. Enter the following information:

Launch Entry Name: WOTRACK_TEST
Console URL: http://servername/wonum={WONUM}
Target Browser Window: _usecurrent (_usecurrent will appear in the window when accessed. To use new tab/window, _blank value can be used)

Within the Launch Contexts pane, click on ‘New Row’ – reference the Main Object, which in this example will be WORKORDER:

Resource Object Name: WORKORDER


2) Go To – System Configuration – Platform Configuration – Application Designer – Access WOTRACK – click on Select Action – Add/Modify Signature Option – click on ‘New Row’ In the following example, a Signature Option of ‘LAUNCH’ will be created, the ‘Advanced Signature Options will be accessed and ‘Associate to launch entry to enable launch in context’ will reference the ‘WOTRACK_TEST’ entry created previously:


3) Click on the Control Palette on the toolbar. Drag and Drop the hyperlink control onto the Work Order screen:

4) Highlight the ‘hyperlink’ on the Work Order screen. Click on the ‘Control Properties’ on the toolbar. Enter the following information:

Label: Launch Test
Event Type: LAUNCH
Signature Option: LAUNCH

5) Go To – Security – Security Groups – ensure the ‘Launch in Context Test’ Signature Option access is granted for the Security Groups that will use this configuration. In this example, this has been enabled for the MAXADMIN security Group:

Save. Sign out of Maximo. Close the Browser. Log back into Maximo.

6) Save the configuration. Sign out of Maximo – Close the Browser – Sign back into Maximo – Go To – Work Orders – Work Order Tracking – access a Work Order (In this example, Work Order 1000 will be used) – Click on the ‘Launch Test’ hyperlink:

URL with http://servername/wonum={WONUM} will be accessed:

Note: servername used above must be replaced with actual servername.

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17 June 2018