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Making the Self Service Center the default page

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How do you make the Self Service Center the default web page, instead of the Start Center, when logging into Tivoli Service Request Manager?


There is a way to configure TPAE to go to any application when the user logs in. In this case it would be the Self Service Center. One thing to note is that this is a global setting and will affect all users.

On the administrative workstation, go to:

<MAXIMO_INSTALL>/maximo/applications/maximo/properties and edit the file

Always make a back up of properties files before altering.

The property will look like the following below that is configured for the Start Center:

# the default app to go to after login. Make sure the startpage property is commented

# out or removed to use this property.


Change the property so that it becomes:


Afterwards you will need to rebuild and redeploy the MAXIMO.EAR file.

Please note that setting this property in the System Properties app within Maximo will not work for SRM 7.2.1 (although that will work with SCCD 7.5). So, you do have the edit the property file and rebuild the EAR.

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27 February 2019