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Change History of Monitoring Agent for CouchDB

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Change History of Monitoring Agent for CouchDB
Product version Release date Agent version What’s new
CP4MCM August 2022
  • Added support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 9.0 on x86_64 Operating System.
CP4MCM January 2022
  • Upgraded agent code compilation to Visual Studio 2013 for Windows platform.
  • Certified CouchDB agent on Windows Server 2022 (Datacenter and Standard editions)
  • Added support for Apache CouchDB v3.2.x
CP4MCM 2021.2.3 April 2021 
  • UI improvements
  • Code Quality improvements
  • Added support for CentOS 8 platform
  • Added support for SUSE 15 platform
  • Added RegEx optimization in platform support for better usability
CP4MCM 2020.2.0 August 2020
  • General improvements
  • Golden Signal UI improvements
ICAM 2019.4.0.2 February 2020
  • Added ICAM support for CouchDB agent

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