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ODBC and JDBC connections to SPSS Statistics data files



Can I use ODBC to import Statistics data files (*.sav) into an external database? Does IBM SPSS Statistics have a native ODBC or JDBC driver?

Resolving The Problem

The Data File Drivers (ODBC/JDBC Drivers) for SPSS Statistics can be found at IBM Passport Advantage here.

After signing in, choose "Software Downloads and media access", and then "Download finder". Select your entitled product (SPSS Statistics) and specify your language and platform. Finally, click the "+" to expand the download options and select the desired e-Assembly:

IBM SPSS Statistics Data Drivers e-Assembly, specifically the IBM SPSS Statistics Data File Drivers.

The IBM SPSS Statistics Data File Driver allows you to read SPSS Statistics (.SAV) data files in applications that support Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). SPSS Statistics itself supports ODBC in the Database Wizard, providing you with the ability to leverage the Structured Query Language (SQL) when reading SAV data files in SPSS Statistics.

Windows, UNIX, and Linux:

* Standalone Driver. The standalone driver provides ODBC support without requiring installation of additional components.

* Service Driver. The service driver provides both ODBC and JDBC support. The service driver handles data requests from the service client driver, which may be installed on the same computer or on one or more remote computers. Thus you can configure one service driver that may be used by many clients. If you put your data files on the same computer on which the service driver is installed, the service driver can reduce network traffic because all the queries occur on the server. Only the resulting cases are sent to the service client. If the server has a faster processor or more RAM compared to service client machines, there may also be performance improvements.

* Service Client Driver. The service client driver provides an interface between the client application that needs to read the SAV data file and the service driver that handles the request for the data. Unlike the standalone driver, it supports both ODBC and JDBC. The operating system of the service client driver does not need to match the operating system of the service driver. For example, you can install the service driver on a UNIX machine and the service client driver on a Windows machine

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