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I would like to do an ANOVA, but I don't have the raw data. I do have the pertinent aggregated information for each subgroup, though - the mean of the dependent variable, the standard deviation, and the N. Is there any way I can do an ANOVA analysis on this data?

Resolving The Problem

This can be done using command syntax. With the MATRIX DATA command, you can specify the pertinent descriptive statistics of the dependent variable (N, mean, standard deviation) for each value of the independent variable. Then, you can use the ONEWAY procedure to read the matrix data.

The MANOVA procedure also allows for analysis of data from more complicated designs that was specified by a MATRIX DATA command (see TechNote 1475358). The GLM, UNIANOVA and ANOVA procedures do not allow analysis of matrix data.

Below is a sample job that shows how this could be done - I have the descriptive information of the dependent variable for each value of a 5-value grouping variable. I will use the MATRIX DATA and ONEWAY commands to get the ANOVA analysis that I want.

variables=groupvar rowtype_ depvar /factors groupvar.
1 N 56
1 MEAN 23.852
1 SD 7.323
2 N 48
2 MEAN 34.231
2 SD 11.325
3 N 49
3 MEAN 28.429
3 SD 6.474
4 N 55
4 MEAN 38.928
4 SD 7.428
5 N 53
5 MEAN 25.287
5 SD 8.387

ONEWAY depvar by groupvar /matrix=in(*).

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