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Information Server log messages Date/Timestamps appearing in Systemout.log are not in synch with Operating System Date/Timestamp



Messages being logged in the Websphere Application Server Systemout.log when using Information Server does not match Operating system clock.


When messages are logged in the WebSphere Application Server Systemout.log they are not in synch with the operating system clock. For example you may find a time difference between the timestamp that appears in the WebSphere Application Server Systemout.log compared to the actual operating system clock due to the different timezones configured at the operating system level compared to the WebSphere Application Server timezone configuration.


Different timezone setting between operating system and WebSphere Application Server

Resolving The Problem

To resolve the issue. You will need to ensure that both the WebSphere Application Server and the Operating system timezones are set to match. To update the WebSphere Application Server with the matching timezone for your operating system. Please follow the below steps:

Start the WebSphere Application Server (WAS) administrative console.

In the topology tree, expand Servers and click Application Servers.

Click the name of the application server for which you want to set the time zone (For example server1).

On the application server page, click Java and Process Management - Process Definition.

On the Process Definition page, click Java Virtual Machine.

On the Java Virtual Machine page, click Custom Properties.

On the Custom Properties page, click New.

Specify user.timezone in the Name field and timezone in the Value field, where timezone is the supported value for your time zone and matches your operating system setting.
For example

Click Apply.

Save the configuration

Then Stop/Start the WAS

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