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Moving settings, preferences, and filters from one workspace to another

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How do you move your IBM Rational Developer for i settings, preferences, and filters from one workspace to work with a new workspace?


If you have a workspace that becomes corrupt but is still partially usable or have a need to test in a new workspace and would like your old settings from your previous workspace for the new workspace, follow these steps.


To move your settings from your old workspace in the default location (for Microsoft Windows XP),
copy c:/Documents & Settings/[userid]/[old_workspace_name]/.metadata/.plugins
directory to the same location in the new workspace directory.

To move your filters and profile preferences,

  1. Find c:/Documents & Settings/[userid]/old_workspace_name]/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.rse.core/profiles.

    Identify the folder with the label similar to PRF.***_#. An example is PRF.johnspd_254.

  2. If you do not wish to save any preferences from the new workspace, copy the profiles directory and overwrite the existing file, c:/Documents & Settings/[userid]/[new_workspace_name]/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.rse.core/profiles.

    If this workspace does have preferences you wish to save, you will need to copy the specific PRF file and paste it so that both the old profile and the new profile exist in the profiles directory.

  3. Restart RDi using the new workspace.

  4. Create a new IBM i connection.

You should now have the settings, preferences, and filters that you had available in your original workspace.

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02 August 2018