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Error Entering Labor Actuals in Different Time Zones

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Is it possible to remove the error message, "Actual Dates May Not Be In The Future" ?


The time zone of the database determines the timestamp for a record update. A routine is run when an update is executed to determine if the time-based fields for Labor Actual records are not in the future. In version 7.5 and greater, there is a tolerance setting for this in the Organizations application.


In the table MAXVARS, in the VARNAME field, you can set the value to 1 where the varname is SUPPRESSACTCHECK. The result of this is that it will suppress a routine that checks for the actual date and time, so that the error message will not be presented to screen in a scenario whereby the client PC is in a time zone that is at least one hour ahead of the database which is being updated from the client.

The default setting of Maximo is to display this error message. With maxvar SUPPRESSACTCHECK set to 1 and when the database and application server are set to a time zone that is earlier than the time zone of the currently logged-in user, you should be able to enter actual start times and end times in the current Time Zone without getting that error message which actual dates being in the future.

At a database prompt you can run an update SQL query similar to:

update maxvars

set varvalue = 1 where varname = 'SUPPRESSACTCHECK';


You will have to stop and restart the Maximo server for this change to become persistent.
Please note that this configuration will not prevent the entry of future times in the current Time Zone. This is currently a known limitation of Maximo functionality.

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17 June 2018