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BMXAA2641E - You Cannot Enter Actual Labor With Future Dates and Times

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Is it possible to enter labor hours in the future?


When entering 'Labor Hours" that are in the future on a work order, you receive the above message.


There is a setting within Maximo 7X where this can be set to allow dates to be entered in the future.

Go to Administration> Organizations application.

Select the Organization you want this to be allowed in.

From the "Select Action" menu, select "Labor Options".

Update the "Future Labor Transaction Tolerance in Hours":

Click OK.

Now you can enter dates in the future within the work order on the Actuals tab.

Note: There are 24 hours in a day, multiply 24 by the amount of days ahead you want to allow users to be able to enter future dates.


To enter dates in the future up to 10 days you will set your "Future Labor Transaction Tolerance in Hours" to 240:00 hours.

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17 June 2018