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Adjusting the Width of a Field

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Is it possible to change the length of one field without changing it globally across Maximo?


It is possible to change the field width just for the contracts application without affecting the field width in other applications:

For example, if a field called Extension Period in the contracts application is supposed to show a value of 1000, but it is showing as a value of 10 on the screen you would want to change the size that the field displays.

Typically fields are displayed based on the size they are set to in the database according to the range they fall into in the field-size-config.xml file.
To overwrite the global setting you need to do the following:

Launch App Designer.
Select the application containing the field you want to modify the length of.
Export the XML using the Export Application Definition icon.
Save the original XML as a backup.
Make a copy of the XML to modify.
Open the copy of the XML file using a text editor.
Find the section of XML for your field:

<tablecol dataattribute="PURCHVIEW.CUSTNOTIFYPERIOD" id="copy_new_tablectrl_tablecol" inputmode="READONLY" label="Extension Period"/>

Add usefieldsizegroup="false" to the XML tag via a text editor like below:

<tablecol dataattribute="PURCHVIEW.CUSTNOTIFYPERIOD" usefieldsizegroup="false" id="copy_new_tablectrl_tablecol" inputmode="READONLY" label="Extension Period"/>

This will override the settings in the field-size-config.xml for this field.
Be aware that this may effect how the fields display on your page and effect the layout.

Save the changes.

Using Application Designer import your modified XML file for the changes to take effect.

The field width should display according to the length set in Database Configuration and in the case of the example show all four places of the value.

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17 June 2018