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How to set the default email sender to a specific value



Is there a way to have all reports sent by all users to display the same "From" email address? In other words, how do you set the default sender to a specific value?

Resolving The Problem

Set the variable 'alwaysUseDefaultSender' to 'true' for the Delivery Service.This will use the email address specified in Cognos Configuration - Notification.


      1. Within Cognos Administration go to the configuration tab.
      2. Navigate to the Dispatchers and Services tab on the left.
      3. Click on a dispatcher to open up the services list
      4. For the Delivery service or Job service, click the Set properties icon.
      5. Click the Settings tab.
      6. Click Edit on the Advanced settings.
      7. Add an advanced setting named alwaysUseDefaultSender and set the value to true
      8. Restart the Cognos service.

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15 June 2018