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Database permissions required for Content Store user account



What permissions are required for the database account used to create the Cognos Content Store?


SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2

Resolving The Problem

SQL Server
- Give Create and Drop table privileges for the database to the User account.
- Ensure that the user account is a member of the db_ddladmin, db_datareader, and db_datawriter roles.
- Ensure that the user is the owner of their default schema.

- connect to the database.
- create, alter, and drop tables, triggers, views, procedures, and sequences (all permissions must be granted directly to the user account rather than to a role).
- insert, update, and delete data in the database tables

- Grant create and drop table privileges on the database to the user account.
- Ensure that the user account has the following privileges for the database: create default, create procedure, create rule, create table, and create view.

- Grant create and drop table privileges on the database to the user account.
- Ensure that the user account has CREATETAB, CONNECT and IMPLICITSCHEMA privileges for the database.
- Ensure that the user account has USE privileges for the USER TEMPORARY tablespace and other appropriate tablespaces associated with the database.
- For Windows XP, ensure that the user account has GRANT privileges for the USER TEMPORARY tablespace.

In Cases where the requirement is to lower the DB account permission for the Content Store (Audit and Notification Stores should follow the same logic)

It is possible as Content Manager database Object Creation, Alteration, and Deletion is only done during creation of the initial Content Store and during Content Store Upgrade. No database objects are Created, Altered, or Dropped at other times.
There is one issue that you will see when using test functionality of Cognos Configuration. As part of the test, a small table is created and dropped when testing the Content Manager database from Cognos Configuration. If the initial permissions of the user are changed to remove the create table permission after the creation or upgrade of the CM content store database objects, the test will fail. For the test to pass, the user needs to be given create table permission.

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