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Configuring Cognos 8 / ReportNet to access child domains



When you configure an authentication namespace for Cognos, users from only one domain can log in. By using the Advanced properties for Active Directory Server, users from related (parent-child) domains and unrelated domain trees within the same forest can also log in.

Resolving The Problem

Installation and configuration guide for IBM Cognos.

Authentication in One Domain Tree

If you set a parameter named chaseReferrals to true, users in the original authenticated domain and all child domains of the domain tree can log in to Cognos. Users above the original authenticated domain or in a different domain tree cannot log in.

Authentication in All Domain Trees in the 'Forest'
If you set a parameter named MultiDomainTrees to true, users in all domain trees in the forest can log in to Cognos.


  1. On every computer where you installed Content Manager, open Cognos Configuration.
  2. In the Explorer window, under Security, Authentication, click the Active Directory namespace.
  3. In the Properties window, specify the Host and port property:
    For users in one domain, specify the host and port of a domain controller for the single domain.
    For users in one domain tree, specify the host and port of the top-level controller for the domain tree.
    For users in all domain trees in the forest, specify the host and port of any domain controller in the forest.
  4. Click in the Value column for Advanced properties and click the edit button.
  5. In the Value - Advanced properties window, click Add
  6. Specify two new properties, chaseReferrals and MultiDomainTrees, with the following values: Authentication for chaseReferrals MultiDomainTrees
    One domain False False
    One domain tree True False
    All domain trees in the forest True True
  7. Click OK
  8. From the File menu, click Save

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