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How to access the My Folders of users using the administrative account

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This document describes how to access the My Folders of users using the administrative account


The System Administrator role has the ability to view, delete and modify the contents of My Folders for users with profiles and able to copy the reports to another folder. Separate steps are provided below. If the consistency check has been run against the content store and/or within the portal, then all "My Folders" will be deleted for all users that were removed from the authentication source and all data in those folders will be lost. All "My Folders" for users still active in the authentication source will remain intact.


  1. In Cognos Connection, go to "IBM Cognos Administration", then click on the "Security" tab. "Users, Groups, and Roles" should be the selected menu on the left.
  2. Select the security namespace that contains your users (not the built-in Cognos namespace). Active users, users that have logged into the portal in the past, will have their username displayed as a hyperlink.
  3. Click on the name, then click again on the My Folders link for that user to view its contents.
  4. The System Administrator can then cut, copy, or delete any reports that they find within that user's My Folders. Reports will need to be copied and pasted elsewhere first in order to run.

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15 June 2018