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SQL22204N when editing tasks in DB2 Task Center GUI



SQL22204N when editing tasks in DB2 Task Center GUI.


Certain tasks defined in the DB2 Task Center cannot be modified and the user will receive an SQL22204N error message if they attempt to edit them. The tasks in question run successfully.


The cause was a missing ~\metadata\db2contact file because the underlying database where the contact data was stored was restored from a backup. The db2contact data is a flat file in the DAS\metadata directory and this was not backed up by the DB2 backup utility



Diagnosing The Problem

A db2trc was run and in that we could see DB2 searching for the \metadata\db2contact file but being unable to locate it

A dir of the directory DAS00\metadata\ will confirm that the file is missing

In the db2dasdiag.log file, an error similar to the following may be seen:

2011-11-21- I117850F407 LEVEL: Error
PID : 3568 TID : 2668
FUNCTION: DB2 Common, Generic Registry, GenRegFile::OpenReg, probe:8
MESSAGE : ECF=0x900001C0 Failed to open the output registry
CALLED : OS, -, fopen
RETCODE : ECF=0x90000513 The registry does not exist.
DATA #1 : String, 60 bytes

Resolving The Problem

The problem can be resolved by recreating the contacts or by copying the file from the other machine. In order to create a contact, see the ADD CONTACT command in the related information section

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