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How to setup a Jazz Team Server with an Oracle database

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How do you set up IBM Rational Team Concert and the Jazz Team Server with an Oracle database?


Unable to complete the repotools -createTables command.


The procedure detailed here supplements the "Setting up an Oracle database" topic in the Rational Team Concert Information Center. This procedure
is for Oracle running on a remote host but can also be used for a server running locally.

The following steps detail how to set up a Jazz Team Concert Server (the server to which RTC connects) with a remote Oracle database in the following environment:

  • ORACLEHOST - System running the Oracle 10g server.
  • JAZZHOST - System on which the Jazz Team Server is to be installed.


1. Create the Database - ORACLEHOST
    1. Launch the Oracle Database configuration assistant.
    2. Click Next button, and select "Create a database", click Next.
    3. Select "General Purpose" and click Next.
    4. Choose Database name (For example: JAZZ) and click Next.
    5. Keep the defaults and click Next.
    6. Select "Use the same password for all accounts and put the password twice - click Next.
    7. Keep the default - Use the file system for Database storage and click Next.
    8. Keep the defaults and click Finish.
    9. Click OK to proceed with database creation.

      Note: to ensure proper handling of Unicode content, the database character set must be UTF-8 encoding.

2. Verify the database is accessible - ORACLEHOST
    1. Use the Web browser to login as SYS (SYSDBA role) on the JAZZ database
    2. URL: http://<your ORACLEHOST IP Address>:1158/em/console/database/instance/sitemap?
      Note: the port may vary depending on your environment.

3. Verify database is remotely accessible - JAZZHOST
  • Proceed with the same verification as in step 2, but from the remote host JAZZHOST (the host on which the Jazz Team Server is installed).
    You may also use SQL Plus to verify the database is accessible.

It is assumed here that the Jazz Team Concert Server was installed on JAZZHOST. No setup has been performed.
Now proceed with setup as described in <server_install_dir>/server/install_standard.html - attached here install_standard.html

4. Create a tablespace - ORACLEHOST
    1. Refer to install_standard.html#dqx1t_server_installation_setup_oracle
    2. Either run the CREATE command, or use the Web Administrator utility to create the tablespace:

5. Verify tablespace creation / accessibility
  • In the Web Administrator console, verify that tablespace ORACLE_TBS is displayed and accessible.

6. Create the jazz user - ORACLEHOST

Refer to the Infocenter.

7. Verify jazzDBuser can access JAZZ database - ORACLEHOST
  1. Open your Web browser and go to http://:1158/em/console/logon/logon
  2. Logon using the Oracle user you created in step 6, in this example: jazzDBuser/jazzDBpswd

8. Verify jazzDBuser can remotely access JAZZ database - JAZZHOST
  • Same as step 7 but from the remote JAZZHOST

9. Modify the file to reflect current settings.
    1. Copy the out-of-the-box file to another name such as
    2. Copy the out-of-the-box file to
    3. Edit this file and review the settings, altering the host and login name:

      Sample content:
      # Comment out above lines, uncomment the following three lines and customize example location to use Oracle = ORACLE
      # localhost connection strings should not include preceding //{password}@localhost:1521/JAZZ
      # non-localhost connection strings MUST include preceding //
      jazzDBuser/{password}@//<your ORACLEHOST IP address>:1521/JAZZ
      • Be sure to put the correct [remote host] IP address (or remote host name).
      • Be sure to put the correct database name (here JAZZ).
      • Save your changes

10. JDBC Driver - JAZZHOST
    1. Go to JAZZHOST <server_install_dir>/server and create a sub-directory named "oracle".
    2. On ORACLEHOST, in the Oracle install dir, locate and copy the file ojdbc14.jar to JAZZHOST <server_install_dir>/server/oracle directory

11. Create the jazz tables - JAZZHOST
    1. Refer to install_standard.html#dqx1dt2mg18
    2. Open an MS-DOS console, and go to JAZZHOST <server_install_dir>/server
    3. Run the command: repotools -createTables
      • Standard output (to the console) is also dumped into a file: <server_install_dir>/server/repotools_createTables.log
      • Sample content for a remote creation attached here


12. Start the Jazz Team Server - JAZZHOST
It is assumed here that the server was installed with the out-of-the-box Apache Tomcat server:
    1. Use the shortcuts created at install time to start the server.
    2. Verify that no error is displayed in the Tomcat console log>

13. Run the setup wizard - JAZZHOST
    1. Refer to install_standard.html#dqx1t_server_installation_setup_wizard.
    2. Use a Web browser to setup the Jazz Team Server
    3. Use the out-of-the-box ADMIN/ADMIN user/password to run the setup wizard.
      • Note that once logged, you should see something like the screen shot below in the Tomcat console:

14. Run the custom setup wizard - JAZZHOST
  • Proceed with custom setup:

  • On first page, database connection should be validated

  • With e-Mail notification disabled, proceed with your user creation as per the screen shot below:


At this stage, the remote Oracle part of this setup is now complete.
Proceed with server setup as described in the On-Line Help under User and Project Areas creation.

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