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Location of the Windows Event logs after they are restored on Windows 2003

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The Windows 2003 Event Logs have been restored, but only the *.xml files can be found in the c:\adsm.sys folder.


The Tivoli Storage Manager client on Windows 2003 backs up and restores the event logs from/to the

C:\WINDOWS\repair\Backup\ServiceState\EventLogs directory.

If this directory cannot be seen in Windows Explorer, verify the following settings:

    Open Windows Explorer -> Tools -> Folder Options -> Click the View tab.

    Under the Hidden files and folders section, check 'Show hidden files & folders' and uncheck the 'Hide Protected Operating System Files (Recommended)'

Note: If a prompt to reboot is received after the restore of the Event Logs only, this can be ignored.

Restoring the Windows 2003 Event logs has no effect on the live Event Logs that are being used by the system.

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17 June 2018