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How to change the port values for the Rational License Server

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How do you change the port values for the IBM Rational License Server?


You may need to change the port values for the Rational license servers in some situations.

For example:

  • If another application uses the TCP/IP port of 27000
  • If a firewall exists between the license server and the clients


The TCP/IP port 27000 is the default port of the lmgrd (License Manager Daemon).

In case another application is using this TCP/IP port 27000, you will need to change the lmgrd port on all your license servers.


  • You have installed Rational License Key Server on your license server machine and floating license key(s) were already installed.
  • You have already started the license server(s) and entered the hostname(s) of the license server(s) in the License Key Administrator of each client.
You can change the lmgrd port value on the license server as follows:
<On the license server machine>
  1. Click Start > Programs > IBM Rational > Rational License Key Administrator
  2. Select Settings > Server Ports
  3. Enter the desired port value for lmgrd and click OK
  4. You will be asked to restart the license server, click YES

<On the client machine where Rational product installed>
  1. On the license server, from the Rational License Key Administrator select I.
  2. Select Settings > Client/Server Configuration
  3. Select the server for which you wish to change the port from the Search Order column
  4. Enter the desired port value in the Settings column
  5. Click OK

Note: Alternatively the ports may be changed by editing the license file manually by adding the port numbers to the license file on the license server. You open the license file in text editor program and enter the lmgrd port at the end of the SERVER line and enter the Vendor port at the end of the VENDOR/DAEMON line.

For example:

SERVER <hostname> DISK_SERIAL_NUM=1234abcd 27000
VENDOR rational "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\common\rational.exe" port=27001
VENDOR ibmratl "C:\Program Files\IBM\RationalSDLC\common\ibmratl.exe" port=27002

In case the firewall exists between the license server and the client machines, you need to specify lmrgd port as well as Rational、ibmratl VENDOR / DAEMON ports. Review technote 1257370 for details.

Important Notes:
  • When the ports are modified, the license file must be reread in order for the changes to take place.
  • When a unique TCP/IP port is specified on the server, the client also needs to be updated with the same ports in order for the client and server to communicate.
  • It is not possible to specify multiple port numbers for the license manager daemons.
  • Review technote 1257370 for steps how to change port values on UNIX platforms.

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16 June 2018