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Java SDK defect fix for EJB Deploy RMIC error when output folder is not ejbModule



IBM® Rational® Application Developer (RAD) version 6.x encounters an RMIC RC=1 error when the Output folder is not ejbModule for an EJB™ project targeting WebSphere® Application Server (WAS) version 6.


This is a defect in the JDK™/ SDK 1.4.2 SR1a for Microsoft® Windows® operating system and Linux® provided with WebSphere Application Server version 6.0.x. in RAD WTE version 6.0 . The same JDK is/was available as an update for WebSphere Test Environment (WTE)/WAS version 5.1.1.x.

This problem is specific to EJB Deploy in RAD 6.x when the WAS Server target is a version that includes SDK 1.4.2 SR1a for Windows or Linux. This might also be a problem in WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD) v5.1.2 if the WTE v5.1.1.x JDK has been updated to SDK 1.4.2 SR1a.

Resolving The Problem

WTE 6.0.x Java SDK:

Consult the Related Information Item: PK05908, for the latest developments on this fix, as this information is subject to change. See summary item 3.

To summarize:
  1. An APAR fix against the Java SDK 1.4.2 provided with WebSphere Application Server (WAS) version 6.0.1 exists to resolve this problem. See Related Information item: PK05908-WAS v6.0.1.2+ update. This requires that the RAD 6.x WebSphere Test Environment (WTE) be updated first to WAS 6.0.1 Base Edition. See Related information item, Upgrading the WTE V6 in RAD, for instructions on how to complete this operation.
  2. This is fix is also available as part of the WAS update.
  3. The original PK05908-WAS v6.0.1.2+ update technote stated the fix was in WAS v6.0.2.x. WAS 6.0.2.x does not have this fix. This technote will be updated if not done so already.Java SDK 1.4.2 SR3 or higher for WAS 6 and 5.1.1 contains this fix. See Related Information Item: Latest Java SDK interim fix for WAS V5.1.1/V6.0. Upgrading to this JDK or a higher 1.4.2 SRn version is the recommended solution.

WTE 5.1.1.x Java SDK:

The specifics of fix PK05908 for WAS 6 JDK 1.4.2 SR1a also apply to WAS 5.1.1.x if the same JDK update has been applied. If you have updated the SDK 1.4.x for WTE/WAS 5.1.1.x to SDK 1.4.2 SR1a and encounter this problem then you will need to upgrade to the SDK in Information item: V5.1.1: SDK 1.4.2 Cumulative Fix SR2 , or a more recent version (see Java SDK 1.4.2 SR3 or higher above) , for Windows or Linux as appropriate for your RAD 6 WTE v5.1.1.x installation.


Related Information item: Verify Java SDK version shipped with WAS fix packs has the latest available Java SDK Update information. This item shows that apart from separate SDK updates, some WAS updates include an updated Java SDK or may do so in the future. Also consult the corresponding Information Item: Recommended Updates for WAS Base and ND editions.

If you need assistance in getting or applying the latest JDK for WAS version 5.1.1.x or version 6.x , please contact WebSphere Application Server for Windows/Unix/Linux support.

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