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Updated Release Notes for the 2003.06.00 ClearCase Remote Client

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This document outlines the fixes for release [<b>]6.14.11[</b>] of the IBM® Rational® ClearCase® Remote Client and is updated when new versions are released.


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IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client Release 6.14.11

This site updates an existing installation of the ClearCase Remote Client or ClearCase Remote Client for Eclipse to release 6.14.11. Release 6.14.11 includes all content from releases 6.14.0 through 6.14.9, and can be applied to releases 6.14.0 or later.

New in this release

This release adds the ability to automatically clear the load rules of an integration view prior to a deliver operation (RATLC00989951), adds _xmi as a new compare and merge file type (RATLC00994447), and fixes the following problems:

RATLC00542632; The ClearCase Remote Client does not support the _Xtool2 type, and the Aurora compare/merge engine does not launch.
RATLC00721776; The ClearCase Remote Client Search view incorrectly finds objects under \bin folders.

New in release 6.14.9

Release 6.14.9 fixes the following problems:

RATLC01110392; The ClearCase Remote Client requires that a local host can resolve the IP address of the ClearCase Web server, even if a proxy server is in use.

New in release 6.14.8

Release 6.14.8 fixes the following problems:

RATLC01102202; Rational Software Architect EJB projects incorrectly appear as hijacked in the ClearCase Remote Client.
RATLC01103454; The ClearCase Remote Client incorrectly reports that binary files are identical when comparing a changed file to its predecessor.
RATLC00753492; The ClearCase Remote Client throws an exception if you attempt to connect to or create a view on a ClearCase Web server through a firewall or proxy server.

New in release 6.14.7

Release 6.14.7 fixes the following problem:

RATLC01089740: Navigating to the parent directory of a resource causes an error if the resource was selected by a "-none" selection rule in the config spec.
To ensure that you see the correct resources in a view that uses "-none" selection rules, you must follow these guidelines:
    • Do not add "-none" selection rules to the config spec of an existing view if the resources you don't want to see are already loaded in the view. If the resources are already loaded, first unload the resources and then update the config spec with the "-none" selection rules.
    • When you create a new view, or update the config spec of an existing view, you must first update the config spec with the "-none" entries and apply the changes before you update the load rules. If you apply the load rule changes before you update the config spec, you will still see the "-none" resources. If you then attempt to work with these resources, you will see view errors and you will need to unload and reload your view.
Note: After you set the new load rules you may see a warning that the system was unable to load the resources specified by the "-none" rules. This error is harmless and can be ignored.

New in release 6.14.6

Release 6.14.6 adds support for Eclipse 3.1, corrects several localization issues, and fixes the following problem:

RATLC00531488; After a merge operation, an attempt to check in an identical version of an EMX file fails with no error message.

New in release 6.14.5

Release 6.14.5 fixes the following problem:

RATLC00740265; The ClearCase Remote Client does not preserve execute permissions when loading files into the copy area of a web view on Linux.

New in release 6.14.4

Release 6.14.4 includes a new feature to disconnect from a ClearCase Web server, corrects several localization issues, and also fixes the following problems:

RATLC00735643; ClearCase Merge Manager view contents do not refresh after canceling the checkout of a merged directory.
RATLC00742400; An unhelpful error message is displayed when a user enters an invalid ClearCase Web server URL.

New in release 6.14.3

Release 6.14.3 fixes the following problems.

RATLC00457050; Default element filtering hides all unloaded elements.
RATLC00730381; Click to perform action in ClearCase Remote Client Help cheatsheet fails.
RATLC00736441; The context menu on UCM deliver/rebase view should include complete and cancel operations.
RATLC00736804; Deliver presents empty error dialog and hangs in a ClearQuest-enabled environment.
RATLC00731112; In the ClearCase Details view, double click to open file fails silently for view private files.
RATLC00736862; Add Load Rule option disabled in View Configuration tab.

New in release 6.14.2

Release 6.14.2 fixes the following problems.

RATLC00736783; Copy areas can be corrupted by importing a project set.
RATLC00736104; Login dialog hangs if URL is incorrect.
RATLC00736404; Cannot change view configuration after canceling a view update.

New in release 6.14.1

Release 6.14.1 provides improved support for the IBM® Rational® Software Development Platform 6.0 products and also fixes the following problems.

RATLC00734874; Security certificate not recognized as installed until ClearCase Remote Client restart.
RATLC00734865; Finish activity falsely appears to succeed but state not changed in ClearCase Remote Client

(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1992, 2005. All Rights Reserved.

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