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Support Policy for ClearCase on Linux

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What is the support policy for IBM® Rational® ClearCase® usage on the Linux® platform?


It is the policy of IBM Rational to provide ClearCase support for new Linux releases within 90 days of their general release by the vendor. Because of the timing issues of the vendor release schedules and the ClearCase Fix Pack schedules, as well as other circumstances outside of IBM's control, this support may be delayed until the next scheduled Fix Pack, which may be beyond this 90 day window.

Support for new Linux distributions as well as major releases from existing vendors (for example, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11) will be added in the latest general release (GA) version of ClearCase only. Updates to supported Linux releases will be added to all versions of ClearCase which support the major release. For example, support for RHEL 6.1 will be added to all versions of ClearCase that support RHEL 6. Ubuntu Linux support is limited to the Long Term Support (LTS) releases which currently happen every two years. Support for new Ubuntu LTS releases will be provided in the latest general release (GA) version of ClearCase only.

Refer to document 7023149 for a listing of the latest ClearCase versions.

For a list of kernel versions supported with the various ClearCase releases, refer to the following:

  • Linux vendor kernels that have been modified by third parties that are not officially supported by the Linux vendor themselves are not supported in Rational ClearCase.
  • PAE kernels are supported by the MVFS but we have seen performance issues when PAE kernels are used in large server configurations.
  • SELinux is only supported in permissive mode.
  • AppArmor is only supported in complain mode.

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16 June 2018