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DB2 LDAP Crash On Linux

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DB2 LDAP Crash On Linux


Hello All,

When DB2 crashes or hangs of it usually causes DB2 to create a trap that leads up to the failure, in this case the trap usually happens out side of DB2 and shows the following:

If the call stack shows the following:
0x00002AAACE1F49CF _nss_ldap_ent_context_release + 0x002f  (/lib64/
0x00002AAACE1F6A75 _nss_ldap_endgrent + 0x0015 (/lib64/

Or if your OS logs found /var/log/messages show:

May  7 08:23:33 db2test db2sysc 0[11696]: nss_ldap: could not get LDAP result - Can't contact LDAP server
May  7 08:23:37 db2test db2pd: nss-ldap: do_open: do_start_tls failed:stat=-1
May  7 08:23:38 db2test db2pd: nss_ldap: reconnected to LDAP server ldap://

If your seeing the above please review the following tech doc:
DB2 hang or crash due to transparent LDAP on Linux
If the above tech doc doesn't help please comment below or leave feed back at the end of the above tech doc. 

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