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I-Spy errors with authentication error 951

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I-Spy errors with authentication error 951


I-Spy returns an authentication error 951 when a user opens a database.


  • $ dbaccess sysmaster -

      746: I-Spy: SQLERR -951 connecting to shadow server

These are some possible solutions for the 951 error:

  • Set INFORMIXSERVER to the shadowserver (database server name) in order to bypass I-Spy. If you are still seeing the 951 error, search other documents specific to the Informix server that addresses the 951 error.
  • Check if the password for this user has expired.
  • Check the permissions on the $ISPY_DIR/bin/realbin/ispy executable. It should be owned by root and have the set user bit ON for owner and group.

    $ ls -l $ISPY_DIR/bin/realbin/ispy
    -r-sr-sr--  1 root informix 5816320 Apr 13 11:19 /work/ispy/bin/realbin/ispy
  • Check if the files /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and ~user/rhosts files have proper read permissions for root.


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