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75 ways to demystify DB2: #31: Techtip: Silent installation of DB2 using response file.

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75 ways to demystify DB2: #31: Techtip: Silent installation of DB2 using response file.



         Are you looking for sample response files to install DB2 using silent installation?

A response file is a text file that contains setup and configuration values. The file is read by the DB2 Setup program and the installation is performed according to the values that have been specified. A response file installation is also referred to as a silent installation.

1)  The sample response files are located in the DB2 Image downloaded:
Under: ...<extracted Image>/SERVER/db2/<platform>/samples

For example:

In windows, its under the following directory as shown in the image:

The response files are named according to the DB2 product's shortname.

For example: db2wse.rsp is for DB2 WorkGroup Server Edition response file.image











In the sample file, If you want to do custom installation, you can choose the installation type: CUSTOM and uncomment the COMPs that you want to install.


Once the response file is modified , you can install using db2setup -r <response file> command.

2) Another option is to use db2setup( GUI wizard) and in one of the steps in the installation wizard, there is an option to just create the response file.
If you prefer to do a custom installation, you can choose the components for custom install and the response file will be created with the values selected and you can use that response file to install DB2 in other servers.













More info: DB2 installation methods





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