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db2iupgrade failing with DBI1124E and some easy step to check before enterning into a full investigation

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db2iupgrade failing with DBI1124E and some easy step to check before enterning into a full investigation


There might be  quite a few reasons  why a db2iupgrade might complain with DBI1124E,  starting from genuine binary issue or,  instance been  auto started before trying a db2iupgrade   or,  many times some kind of environment issue related to hard coded path  or,  bad link etc.


But, there are times when  all these environment reasons mentioned above  might not be the  cause  of the problem.

Checking of the above might show all o.k..  But,  still might face the same issue.


Complain will look like,


#  ./db2iupgrade -u  db2inst1  db2inst1                               
DBI1446I  The db2iupgrade command is running.                                                                                                  
DB2 installation is being initialized.                                                                                                         
DBI1124E  Instance db2inst1 cannot be upgraded.                         
An attempt was made to upgrade an instance. This instance cannot be     
upgraded because:                                                                                                                            
*  The instance is still active.                                                                                                             
*  Upgrading this instance is not supported.                                                                                            
*  This version of the db2iupgrade command cannot be used to upgrade this instance.                                                       
User response:                                                                                                                             
Ensure that the instance is ready for upgrading and you are using the                                                                 
correct version of the db2iupgrade command. For more information on                                                                           
upgrading an instance, refer to the DB2 Information Center.             
A major error occurred during the execution that caused this program to                                                                 
terminate prematurely. If the problem persists, contact your technical  
service representative.                                                         
For more information see the DB2 installation log at                                                                                       
DBI1264E  This program failed. Errors encountered during execution were                                                              
      written to the installation log file. Program name:                                                                             
      db2iupgrade. Log file name: /tmp/db2iupgrade.log.<>.         
This message is returned when some processes and operations have failed.                                                           
Detailed information about the error was written to the log file.       
User response:                                                                                                                           
Contact IBM support to get assistance in resolving this issue. Keep the                                                                  
log file intact as this file is an important reference for IBM support.
  Related information:                                                                                                                        
   Contacting IBM Software Support 



One simple thing to check will be to find what all different  levels  might have been installed in the box.

<install-pth>/install/db2ls   from one of the latest levels will show all the various levels installed in the setup.


Then,  check if the instance is being upgraded  in  multi-steps. 

Example, if   an instance is first  upgraded from V9.1 or,  V9.5 to  V9.7 and then being tried to be upgraded to V10.5.

If  so, try to find if the  instance name was properly cleaned-up  from the lower level of the product install.

If  "db2greg -dump"   or,   db2ilist  from the install path of V9.1 / V9.5   show the same instance db2inst1 still

present  under those lower level though the instance is already moved to  V9.7 then it's a problem.

In that case,  run  "db2iset -d  db2inst1" from the   V9.1/V9.5  install path and see if that cleans up.


It's  possible the   instance  db2inst1 might just show up  in the profiles.reg  file  under  V9.1/V9.5 install path which is not

normal as  the instance is already moved to V9.7.

In that case,  just  removing  the instance name from  that local profiles.reg file or,  removing  the .reg  file under V9.1/V9.5

install path altogether will help.

After  removing  the profiles.reg file from  V9.1/V9.5  install path will show db2ilist correctly without the specific  instance name.


After that a  db2iupgrade  from V10.5  will be  successful   unless there are other  issues present in the system.









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