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DB2 LUW : Why load failed with SQL0958C even though the free space is enough

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DB2 LUW : Why load failed with SQL0958C even though the free space is enough



I have a DPF server with partitions on multiple machines.  I find load from one machine always failed, but not from other machines.

Checking db2diag.log, I see error saying disk full:

2017-01-19- E709034575E1105       LEVEL: Error (OS)
 PID     : 8645                 TID : 46955996636928  PROC : db2sysc 999
 INSTANCE: crmm06               NODE : 999            DB   : SCDM06
 APPHDL  : 999-66               APPID:
 AUTHID  : AIAPP                HOSTNAME: mpp02-002
 EDUID   : 142                  EDUNAME: db2agntp (SCDM06) 999
 FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, oper system services, sqloopenp, probe:80
 MESSAGE : ZRC=0x850F000C=-2062614516=SQLO_DISK "Disk full."
           DIA8312C Disk was full.
 CALLED  : OS, -, open                             OSERR: ENOSPC (28)
 DATA #1 : Codepath, 8 bytes
 DATA #2 : File name, 44 bytes
 DATA #3 : SQO Open File Options, PD_TYPE_SQO_FILE_OPEN_OPTIONS, 4 bytes
 DATA #4 : Hex integer, 4 bytes
 DATA #5 : signed integer, 4 bytes
 DATA #6 : Hex integer, 4 bytes
 DATA #7 : String, 105 bytes
 Search for ossError*Analysis probe point after this log entry for further
 self-diagnosis of this problem.


However "df -lk" shows the disk should have enough space left:


     Filesystem                        1K-blocks       Used  Available Use% Mounted on
     /dev/mapper/rootvg-lvdb2loadtmp    51606140     396704  
48587996   1% /db2loadtmp



After investigating for a long time, I checked "df -li" output,  I can seeinode is used up

         Filesystem                         Inodes   IUsed    IFree IUse% Mounted on
         /dev/mapper/rootvg-lvdb2loadtmp   3276800 3276800      
0  100% /db2loadtmp


Looks like there are many small files in this path, I clean them up and try again, the load completes successfully!!


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