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Hands-on example for a new encrypted database

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Hands-on example for a new encrypted database


For DB2 native database encryption, we have the following link but we do not have exact command output and cfg samples for this.
Therefore, I am sharing actual output of the commands for the database encryption and files by the commands.
As written in the link above, we should follow the steps below to make a new encrypted database.
1. create keystore file(key database)
2. create database with 'ENCRYPT' option.


Let me elaborate the detail of those 2 steps above.
1. create keystore file(key database)
1-1. create keystore file with stash file
$ /home2/db2ins35/sqllib/gskit/bin/gsk8capicmd_64 -keydb -create -db ccardskeystore.p12 -pw Str0ngPassw0rd -strong -type pkcs12 -stash
1-2. stash files and keystore file
/home2/db2ins35/tst_encrypt> ls -al
total 16
drwxr-xr-x    2 db2ins35 db2iadm         256 Nov 16 09:45 .
drwxr-xr-x   12 db2ins35 db2iadm        4096 Nov 16 09:45 ..
-rw-------    1 db2ins35 db2iadm           0 Nov 16 09:37 ccardskeystore.p12
-rw-------    1 db2ins35 db2iadm         129 Nov 16 09:37 ccardskeystore.sth
>>>>> as you can see, p12 file and stash file are created
1-3. update the dbm cfg for keystore file
/home2/db2ins35/tst_encrypt> db2 "update dbm cfg using keystore_type pkcs12 keystore_location /home2/db2ins35/tst_encrypt/ccardskeystore.p12"
/home2/db2ins35/tst_encrypt> db2 get dbm cfg | grep -i keystore
Keystore type                           (KEYSTORE_TYPE) = PKCS12
Keystore location                   (KEYSTORE_LOCATION) = /home2/db2ins35/tst_encrypt/ccardskeystore.p12
>>>>> you can check keystore related configurations are updated.
2. create database with 'ENCRYPT' option
- By creating DB with ENCRYPT option, a master key for the database is automatically generated and added to the keystore file.
- Encrypting data "in place" is not supported. To encrypt an existing database, create a database backup image and then restore that image into a new database with encryption enabled.
2-1. create db mydb encrypt
/home2/db2ins35/tst_encrypt> db2 create db mydb encrypt
DB20000I  The CREATE DATABASE command completed successfully.
2-2. automatically ENCRLIB and ENCROPTS are updated.
/home2/db2ins35/tst_encrypt> db2 get db cfg for mydb | grep -i encr
Encryption Library for Backup                 (ENCRLIB) = libdb2encr.a
Encryption Options for Backup                (ENCROPTS) = CIPHER=AES:MODE=CBC:KEY LENGTH=256
Encrypted database                                      = YES
For more information about keystore, master key, stash file, encryption configuration parameters and so on, please check the following link.

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