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db2icrt failed to create instance in PureScale environment

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db2icrt failed to create instance in PureScale environment


We may see error while creation of instance:db2icrt

DBI1544E The db2icrt command failed to create all the required data structures for the

The database manager instance was created but it is missing some data structures.
Some DB2 functionality might not be available or have unpredictable behavior.

From db2diag.log at the time of db2icrt
It points db2cluster command to create resources fails due the following os command failure;
unable to set euid and egid to 0. ( seteuid - EPERM )
2018-08-28- I9651E1459 LEVEL: Error (OS)
PID : 8022 TID : 140357229688704 PROC : db2havend (db2cfs)
INSTANCE: db2inst  NODE : 000
HOSTNAME: Localhost
FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, high avail services, GPFSCommandAdaptor::executeCommand, probe:5519
MESSAGE : ECF=0x90000001=-1879048191=ECF_ACCESS_DENIED
Access denied
CALLED : OS, -, seteuid OSERR: EPERM (1)
DATA #1 : String, 71 bytes
Unable to set euid and egid to 0. The GPFS command can not be executed.
DATA #2 : String, 28 bytes
DATA #3 : String, 24 bytes
CALLSTCK: (Static functions may not be resolved correctly, as they are resolved to the nearest symbol)
[0] 0x00007FA767D1367B /home/db2/db2inst/sqllib/lib64/ + 0x23D67B
[1] 0x00007FA767D14B34 ossLogSysRC + 0xB4
[2] 0x00007FA767D0348B ossSystemErrorHandler + 0x28B
[3] 0x00007FA75CF1D711 _ZN18GPFSCommandAdaptor14executeCommandEPKcS1_j + 0xD21
[4] 0x00007FA75CF1E7D1 _ZN11GPFSCluster18getClusterCfgParamEPKcPcmS1_ + 0x911
[5] 0x00007FA75CF47499 db2haCFSGetFailureDetectionMode + 0xB9
[6] 0x000000000041388D sqlhaCFSCallFunctionDirect + 0x4D
[7] 0x00000000004128A9 _Z28sqlhaCFSInvokeVendorFunctionPv + 0x3B9
[8] 0x000000000040673C main + 0x8EC
[9] 0x00007FA766F0C3D5 __libc_start_main + 0xF5
[10] 0x0000000000405D89 db2havend (db2cfs) + 0x5D89

We need to check if filesystem used  mounted as "nosuid" which was the reason for this error.


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