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How to stop or force AutoRunstat off while its running?

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How to stop or force AutoRunstat off while its running?


Unfortunately we will not be able to stop a runstats while it is running.
This would lead to inconsistent data in the catalog.

A "db2stop force" will work ( likely ) at the end of the runstats. So
useless. As it didn't worked for you it must be in initial or middle process.

What might work, is to revise the priority of the process. That can be
done with the parameter util_impact_lim and the command "set
util_impact_priority", Please review for

In case AutoRunstat is running at pick hours and affecting performance of system.
For the future, either disable the auto runstats, or give a rule to have
only sampled statistics ( this might have a negative impact on computing
access plans ). In my opinion, better is to schedule runstats during
"maintenance periods" were you know that there will be few or no other

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