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DB2 DPF rollforward with overflow log path

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DB2 DPF rollforward with overflow log path


I have found that there have been some questions lately about how to apply the logs that you have extracted from your partitioned restore (using the LOG TARGET parameter), so I wanted to provide a simple example.

During a DPF restore you can specify the LOG TARGET in the individual partition restore commands (Example: /test_backup/test_restore_logs) and then use those paths for your rollforward command at the end.  Here is a simple example of a rollforward command for a simple 9 partition (catalog + 8 data partitions) environment with individual paths for each partition's respective logs:


rollforward db test to end of backup on all
dbpartitionnums overflow log path (
/test_backup/test_restore_logs/NODE0001 on dbpartitionnum 1,
/test_backup/test_restore_logs/NODE0002 on dbpartitionnum 2,
/test_backup/test_restore_logs/NODE0003 on dbpartitionnum 3,
/test_backup/test_restore_logs/NODE0004 on dbpartitionnum 4,
/test_backup/test_restore_logs/NODE0005 on dbpartitionnum 5,
/test_backup/test_restore_logs/NODE0006 on dbpartitionnum 6,
/test_backup/test_restore_logs/NODE0007 on dbpartitionnum 7,
/test_backup/test_restore_logs/NODE0008 on dbpartitionnum 8)

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or feedback.


Thank you.

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