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This document contains information about the IBM Rational Asset Manager, Version product.


This section describes the content of Rational Asset Manager, Version

About this release

This fix pack includes new features, enhancements, and fixes to earlier releases of IBM Rational Asset Manager.

This fix pack includes the following enhancements:

  • Lifecycle and policy enhancements:

    - Run policies on asset Delete in a lifecycle
    - Reorder policies in a lifecycle
    - New Retired workflow for a lifecycle
    - Enable/disable notifications in a lifecycle configuration
    - Specify required voters for a review in a lifecycle

  • Improved Rational Asset Manager and Rational Team Concert integration performance

  • Create featured content during asset submission

  • New Ant task to populate links

  • Create Rational Team Concert defects on a remote server

  • Change owner of an asset to a unregistered user

  • Edit a relationship

  • Create an attribute with a link to Jazz-based requirements or other resources

Fixed APARs contained in this release

The following APARs are fixed in this release:

  • PM00264: No trusted certificate found when mouse is hovered over any icons

  • PM01149: Selecting attribute for bulk update shows previously used value

  • PK99643: Internet Explorer does not display the full name of Relationship Type in the drop-down list for asset modification

  • PK99671: Rational Asset Manager 7.2 Help contents shows version when setting browser language to Spanish

  • PK97882: Community Role names not updated when changing between roles

  • PK95957: Importing an exported model will create duplicate (and orphaned) review processes

  • PM01255: No authorized user licenses installed - one standard license and a few authorized user licenses

  • PK82485: Predefined relationships like dependency or aggregation are not translated to Spanish

  • PK98806: No categories available for new asset when using category scoping in Rational Asset Manager 7.2

  • PK99331: Rational Asset Manager v7.1.1.1. No Users listed/viewable in a group with over 6000 members in Microsoft Active Directory (LDAP registry)

  • PM01152: Asset history incorrectly has an enrty stating categorization has been updated

  • PK98489: During the migration to and a new metamodel, some relationship types are removed

  • PK99182: Rational Asset Manager 7.2 Setup creates RTCDB in drive C and not where DB2 is installed

  • PM02037: Unable to uncheck "Include asset owners as lifecycle managers"

  • PK97163: Issue installing Rational Asset manager 7.2 using Installation Manager

Product documentation

For complete documentation, including installation instructions, see the Rational Asset Manager Information Center at

Software and hardware requirements

See the detailed system requirements document at

Installation information

You can install this fix pack using one of the following two options:

  • If IBM Rational Asset Manager, Version 7.2 is already installed on your system, you can install this update by using the Update Packages wizard in IBM Installation Manager. For details, refer to Installing Rational Asset Manager, Version as an update.

  • If you are installing Rational Asset Manager, Version, for the first time or if you are installing an additional instance of it, then you can install this update at the same time you install Rational Asset Manager, Version 7.2 by clicking Check for updates on the Install page of the Installing Packages wizard in IBM Installation Manager. For details, refer to Installing Rational Asset Manager, Version with Version 7.2.

By default, you do not need to download the compressed files that contain the update; the update is downloaded and installed by IBM Installation Manager directly from the IBM update repository.

Installing Rational Asset Manager, Version as an update

  • Rational Asset Manager, Version 7.2 must be installed.

  • The product cannot be open when you install this fix pack. Also, ensure that all browsers and other applications opened by Rational Asset Manager are closed.

To find and install Rational Asset Manager, Version as an update:

  1. Start IBM Installation Manager.
    On Windows Vista, you must run Installation Manager as administrator. (Right-click the program shortcut and click Run as administrator.)

  2. On the Start page of Installation Manager, click Update Packages.

  3. If a new version of Installation Manager is found, you are prompted to confirm that you want to install it before you can continue. Click OK to proceed. Installation Manager automatically installs the new version, stops, restarts, and resumes.

  4. In the Update packages wizard, select the Installed Location for Rational Asset Manager and click Next. Installation Manager searches for updates in the Rational Asset Manager repository on the Web, as well as any repository locations that you entered. A progress indicator shows the search is taking place.

  5. By default, recommended updates are displayed and selected on the Update Package page. Select Version for Rational Asset Manager; then click Next.

  6. On the Licenses page, read the license agreements for the update. On the left side of the Licenses page; click each item to display the license agreement text.

  7. If you agree to the terms for all of the license agreements, click I accept the terms of the license agreements; then, click Next.

  8. On the Summary page, review the information displayed; then click Update. A progress indicator shows the percentage of the installation completed.

  9. When the update process completes, a message that confirms the success of the process is displayed near the top of the page. Click View log file to open the log file for the current session in a new window. You must close the Installation Log window to continue.

Installing Rational Asset Manager Version with Version 7.2

Complete the following steps to install the product.

  1. From the product installation CD, start the launchpad program.

  2. Read the Installation Guide and the release information.

  3. When you are ready to begin the installation, click Install IBM Rational Asset Manager.

    • If IBM Installation Manager is not detected on your system, then you must install it to continue; follow the on-screen instructions in the installation wizard that opens to install it. After the installation is complete, IBM Installation Manager opens automatically.

    • If an older version of IBM Installation Manger is already installed on your system, the older version will be updated to the latest release; follow the on-screen instructions in the installation wizard that opens to update it. After the installation is complete, IBM Installation Manager opens automatically.

  4. Click Install Packages.

  5. Click Check for Other Versions and Extensions. Installation Manager will check for any later versions and refresh the page with any later versions that it finds.

  6. Select Version under IBM Rational Asset Manager; then, click Next.

  7. Follow the on-screen instructions in the Install Packages wizard to install Rational Asset Manager.

The licensing for Rational Asset Manager is done though the Rational Asset Manager Web application and not through the Installation Manager.

The Rational Asset Manager Server Setup wizard requires that you specify a license server in order to complete the configuration of Rational Asset Manager. For information about specifying the license server path see the "Specifying the license server path" help topic in the Installation Guide.

Uninstalling the fix pack for the Eclipse client
If you updated a previously installed version to version, you can revert to the previous version by using the rollback feature of Installation Manager. For instructions on uninstalling the product, see the Installation Guide. The rollback feature uninstalls the updated resources and reinstalls the resources from the previous version. You can only roll back one version level at a time.

When you roll back to an earlier version of a package, it will be restored with the same features that were associated with that version; any features that you added after upgrading to version by using the Modify Packages wizard will be removed, and any features that you removed will be restored.

During the rollback process, Installation Manager must access files from the earlier version of the package. By default, these files are stored on your system when you install a package. If you changed the default setting or deleted the files by using the Remove Stored Files option on the Roll Back preferences page (File > Preferences > Rollback Files), Installation Manager will require access to your installation repository or media. If you installed the product from a repository, your Preferences page (File > Preferences > Repositories) must list the repository from which you installed the previous version of the product. If you installed the product from CDs or other media, they must be available when you use the rollback feature.

Before you roll back Rational Asset Manager, Version, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in with a user account that has the same privileges as the account that was used to install the packages to be uninstalled.

  2. Close Rational Asset Manager, Version and any other applications that you installed by using Installation Manager.

  3. If any applications started by Rational Asset Manager are still open or running, such as a browser or WebSphere Application Server, close them.

To roll back an updated package, complete the following steps:
  1. Start IBM Installation Manager.

  2. On the Start page, click Roll Back Packages.

  3. In the Rollback wizard, from the Package Group Name list, select the package group that contains the packages that you want to roll back and click Next.

  4. Select the version of the package that you want to roll back to and click Next.

  5. Read the summary information and click Roll Back.

For additional instructions on uninstalling Rational Asset Manager, see the
Installation Guide or visit the Installation Manager Information Center.

Known problems

Known problems are documented in the form of individual technotes in the Support knowledge base at: As problems are discovered and resolved, the knowledge base is updated with any new information. You can search the knowledge base to quickly find workarounds or solutions to problems.

IBM Rational Software Support
IBM Rational Software Support provides you with technical assistance.

For contact information and guidelines or reference materials that you will need when you require support, see the IBM Software Support Handbook. For FAQs, lists of known problems and fixes, and other support information, visit the product support page for Rational Asset Manager. For product news, events, and other information, visit the product home page for Rational Asset Manager. Before you contact IBM Rational Software Support, gather the background information that you will need to describe your problem. When describing a problem to an IBM software support specialist, be as specific as possible and include all relevant background information so that the specialist can help you solve the problem efficiently. To save time, know the answers to these questions:
  • What software versions were you running when the problem occurred?
  • Do you have logs, traces, or messages that are related to the problem?
  • Can you reproduce the problem? If so, what steps do you take to reproduce it?
  • Is there a workaround for the problem? If so, be prepared to describe the workaround.

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17 June 2018