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Business Process Choreographer - Process Cleanup Service Sample V2

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WebSphere Process Server provides an execution environment for business processes. Business processes can be defined so that they are persisted in WebSphere Process Servers Business Process Choreographer database. They can remain in the database after their completion.

This document describes an application that allows you to delete completed business process instances from the database. This cleanup can either be performed immediately or it can be scheduled to occur regularly.


This sample application is provided for download and includes the source code, so you can examine and adapt it. This version is enabled to work in an environment that is security-enabled.

Process Cleanup Service (V2).pdf

Please note that this is a sample application and is therefore provided with as-is source code. This material contains programming source code for your consideration. The Process Cleanup Service sample has not been thoroughly tested under all conditions. IBM can therefore not guarantee or imply reliability, serviceability, or function of this program.


Original Publication Date

08 June 2009

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17 June 2018