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This Limited Availability Interim Fix contains JRE's for Java 8 support with Security Directory Integrator v7.2.0

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Interim Fix 7.2.0-ISS-SDI-LA0014 README
Security Directory Integrator 7.2.0 ( Also applicable to Tivoli Directory Integrator 7.1.1 )
LA Interim Fix 14
(All platforms)
JRE Level: Java 8 Service Refresh 4 Fix Pack 6
Date: June 2017

June 2017

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General Description:
This Limited Availability Interim Fix contains JRE's for Java 8 support with Security Directory Integrator v7.2.0 and Tivoli Directory Integrator v7.1.1.

Java 8 support for Security Directory Integrator v7.2.0

Tivoli Directory Integrator v7.2.0 with or without any fix pack must be installed.
Tivoli Directory Integrator v7.1.1 with or without any fix pack must be installed.

All supported Platforms

Downloading the Fix:
- Under the Download options section, Click on the "Change Download options" link.
- Set the "Include prerequisites and co-requisite fixes (you can select the ones you need later)" checkbox to true.

Applying the Fix:
- Shutdown SDI.

- Unzip the fix package to a temporary directory. The LA contains platform specific JRE's, copy the .zip or the .tar.gz to respective platforms.

- Extract the .zip /.tar.gz files into temp directory.

- Backup/rename the existing <SDI_Install_Dir\jvm\jre directory.

- Copy the <temp directory>\<extracted_jvm_dir>\jre directory and content as a sub-directory to the <SDI_Install_Dir>\jvm directory.

- Apply command 'chmod -R 755 jre' for non windows platform.

Changes to the Java policy file for Derby server to start
- Derby server does not start as the new JVM does not grant permissions by default.

- Resolve by using either option:

* To give all permissions to all files in the TDI install dir, add the following in the <TDI_Install_dir>\jvm\jre\lib\security\java.policy

grant codeBase "file:/<TDI_Install_dir>/-" {

Note : The ending minus, "-", in the path. It means that all files in all folders, recursively, under the TDI install dir will be given this permission.

* To give permission to derby port to listen, add the following line in the <TDI_Install_dir>\jvm\jre\lib\security\java.policy , under the default permissions granted to all

domains section.

permission "localhost:<port number>-", "listen";

For example : permission "localhost:1527-", "listen";
Note: 1527 is the derby port in this example.

Refer the adjacent link for additional information.

Confirming the Fix has been applied successfully:
Security Directory Integrator v7.2.0 should work with Java 8


Security Directory Integrator v7.2.0 with or without any fixpack must be installed.

Installation Instructions

Refer 7.2.0-ISS-SDI-LA0014-README.txt for details

[{"DNLabel":"7.2.0-ISS-SDI-LA0014","DNDate":"30 Jun 2017","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"3502","DNPlat":{"label":"Platform Independent","code":"PF025"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null}]
[{"Product":{"code":"SSCQGF","label":"Tivoli Directory Integrator"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU008","label":"Security"},"Component":"General","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"7.2","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB24","label":"Security Software"}}]

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15 June 2018