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A tool with easy cleanup capabilities for the IBM Cognos Cognos Business Intelligence Administration audit logging database.

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The IBM AuditDBCleanup tool provides easy cleanup capabilities for IBM Cognos audit logging databases, allowing old database records to be deleted regularly based on a timestamp.

Certain Advantages:
1. Supported databases are all the conformance audit logging databases: DB2, Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase.
2. Can be used on Windows and UNIX in two ways: via User Interface or via command line
3. Takes full advantage of the existing JDBC drivers found in webapps\p2pd\WEB-INF\lib


IBM Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
• JRE version 1.6.x or higher must be installed (same version used by IBM Cognos)

Installation Instructions

1. Download the .zip file.
2. Extracts its contents to bin\utilities\IBM_AuditDBCleanup directory.
3. Please read the IBM_AuditDBCleanup.pdf for details on how to use the tool.

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15 June 2018