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April 2013 Update for XL C/C++ for Linux, V12.1



Cumulative fix package for XL C/C++ for Linux, V12.1

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This page contains product updates for the IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V12.1 compilers on the following platforms:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 (RHEL 5.7) for IBM Power Systems
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.2 (RHEL 6.2) for IBM Power Systems
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 4 (SLES 10 SP4) for IBM Power Systems
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2 (SLES 11 SP2) for IBM Power Systems
The following APARs were fixed in this PTF (VRMF:
LI77335 - ?: method parameter optimizing away valid code
LI77336 - Unnamed namespace non-unique symbol name
LI77337 - Template not accepting default param function
LI77338 - Inlined getline() causing invalid exception
LI77319 - Incorrect evaluation of sizeof in templates
LI77340 - Template and typedef causing internal error
LI77323 - Internal compiler error with -qlistfmt
LI77342 - Incorrect compile time error message with objects
LI77343 - Non-type template parameter and enum error
LI77344 - Extra ; at end of namespace closing
LI77345 - Template argument cannot be converted error
LI77346 - std::debug_malloc not declared error with -qheapdebug
LI77347 - xlC fails to identify invalid restrict keyword use
LI77324 - Incorrect default template type argument init
LI77349 - Unnecessary warning about printf specifiers
LI77350 - Name lookup error with -qlanglvl=variadictemplates
LI77351 - The member is not declared as a template error
LI77352 - Invalid name lookup causing internal error
LI77353 - Name mangling causing compiler error
LI77354 - Internal compiler error at -O3 and -qstrict
LI77355 - Compiler adds unnecessary store to stack
LI77356 - Changing warning to error for PDF profile err
LI77357 - Incorrect loop counter with -qipa
LI77325 - GRARNN internal error with qarch=pwr6 or pwr7
LI77359 - xlc incorrect result with -O3
LI77360 - Suboptimal code for vector < (0,0) comparison
LI77326 - Inefficient load of a 64-bit constant
LI77362 - Use lfiwax/lfiwzx for int to float conversion
LI77327 - Inefficient 64-bit constant load of 32-bit value
LI77364 - Compiler abend with -O3
LI77365 - Inefficient compare with 32-bit immediates
LI77366 - Inefficient code for vec_any_nan
LI77367 - Incorrect inline ASM for rldimi
LI77368 - April 2013 Update for XL C/C++ for Linux, V12.1
LI77369 - April 2013 Runtime for XL C/C++ for Linux, V12.1

Some APARs may have been fixed first in another release of this product. In such cases, fixes have been ported to this release and APAR descriptions have been copied from the original APARs.

Latest updates

It is highly recommended to always use the latest PTF level. Click here for the list of latest product updates for IBM XL C/C++ compilers. If required, the previous PTF (VRMF: can be obtained here.


IBM XL C/C++ for Linux, V12.1 compiler, at the base level ( or higher.

See the "System Prerequisites" section in Chapter 1 of the Installation Guide for base level compiler prerequisite details.

Installation Instructions

See Chapter 4 "Installing an update" in the Installation Guide (PDF).


You might need this technote to help you with installing the compiler.

: If the 32-bit libstdc++ package is not installed on a target RHEL6 system, running programs compiled with the XL C/C++ compiler may fail due to the missing shared library To resolve the issue, install the following 32-bit package from the RHEL6 distribution:

rpm -ivh libstdc++-4.4.4-13.el6.ppc.rpm

Download Package

Note: There is only one download package for both RHEL 5/RHEL 6 and SLES 10/SLES 11.

The download package, vacpp.121.linux_ppc.apr2013.update.tar.gz contains:


[{"DNLabel":"vacpp.121.linux_ppc.apr2013.update.tar.gz","DNDate":"30 Apr 2013","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"75298469","DNPlat":{"label":"Linux on Power systems","code":""},"DNURL":",C%2B%2B+Compiler&release=","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null}]

Technical Support

For information about latest technical issues, changes to the existing behavior, as well as documentation corrections for this product, please refer to the on-line Readme.

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Problems (APARS) fixed

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08 August 2018