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WebSphere MQ 6.0 for HP OpenVMS Alpha and Itanium - Fix Pack (FP03)



This document contains Fix Pack (FP03) for WebSphere MQ version 6.0 on HP OpenVMS Alpha and HP OpenVMS Itanium.

Download Description

This is the latest Fix Pack for IBM WebSphere MQ for HP OpenVMS Alpha version 6.0 and IBM WebSphere MQ for HP OpenVMS Itanium version 6.0.

It is delivered by way of:

HP OpenVMS Alpha - PTF IP23246 for APAR IC73435.
HP OpenVMS Itanium - PTF IP23067 for APAR IC73427.


Important Note:
Mandatory Prerequisite to install this fixpack:
The target system must contain fixpack service level OR the product level IBM Websphere MQ Version OpenVMS for Alpha/or Itanium (FP-02) or above. This can be verified using dspmqver command. Download this Fixpack from the link below:

[{"PRLabel":"WebSphere MQ for HP OpenVMS Alpha and Itanium V6.0.2.7 ","PRLang":"English","PRSize":"999","PRPlat":{"label":"OpenVMS","code":"PF021"},"PRURL":""}]

Installation Instructions

This release can also be downloaded from this URL.

[{"INLabel":"HP OpenVMS Alpha Installation Instructions","INLang":"English","INSize":"9999","INURL":""},{"INLabel":"HP OpenVMS Itanium Installation Instructions","INLang":"English","INSize":"9999","INURL":""},{"INLabel":"Problems Fixed","INLang":"English","INSize":"9999","INURL":""}]
[{"DNLabel":"HP OpenVMS Alpha","DNDate":"25 May 2011","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"18773523","DNPlat":{"label":"OpenVMS","code":"PF021"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null},{"DNLabel":"HP OpenVMS Itanium","DNDate":"25 May 2011","DNLang":"English","DNSize":"24240444","DNPlat":{"label":"OpenVMS","code":"PF021"},"DNURL":"","DNURL_FTP":" ","DDURL":null}]
[{"Product":{"code":"SSFKSJ","label":"WebSphere MQ"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"APAR \/ Maintenance","Platform":[{"code":"PF021","label":"OpenVMS"}],"Version":"6.0;6.0.2","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB15","label":"Integration"}}]

Product Synonym


Problems (APARS) fixed
IC48241 ;IC48478 ;IC48555 ;IC48576 ;IC48662 ;IC48678 ;IC48680 ;IC48696 ;IC48705 ;IC48711 ;IC48721 ;IC48727 ;IC48775 ;IC48795 ;IC48803 ;IC48880 ;IC48908 ;IC48913 ;IC48914 ;IC48919 ;IC48920 ;IC49003 ;IC49005 ;IC49093 ;IC49167 ;IC49197 ;IC49409 ;IC49431 ;IC49533 ;IC49569 ;IC49616 ;IC49717 ;IC49767 ;IC49857 ;IC49914 ;IC50327 ;IC50448 ;IC50453 ;IC50588 ;IC51005 ;IC51054 ;IC51315 ;IC51322 ;IC51324 ;IC51350 ;IC51451 ;IC51472 ;IC51497 ;IC51589 ;IC51598 ;IC51721 ;IC51904 ;IC51952 ;IC52019 ;IC52177 ;IC52193 ;IC52223 ;IC52257 ;IC52320 ;IC52322 ;IC52523 ;IC52603 ;IC52619 ;IC52632 ;IC52674 ;IC52684 ;IC52709 ;IC52954 ;IC52989 ;IC53065 ;IC53204 ;IC53266 ;IC53286 ;IC53318 ;IC53379 ;IC53403 ;IC53540 ;IC53545 ;IC53651 ;IC53676 ;IC53716 ;IC53764 ;IC53782 ;IC53817 ;IC53819 ;IC53842 ;IC53936 ;IC53960 ;IC53962 ;IC53967 ;IC53974 ;IC54095 ;IC54121 ;IC54142 ;IC54182 ;IC54292 ;IC54459 ;IC54584 ;IC54608 ;IC54678 ;IC54711 ;IC54772 ;IC54888 ;IC55154 ;IC55218 ;IC55327 ;IC55390 ;IC55548 ;IC55562 ;IC56006 ;IC56009 ;IC56068 ;IC56133 ;IC56162 ;IC56352 ;IC56408 ;IC56432 ;IC56662 ;IC56709 ;IC57153 ;IC57176 ;IC57273 ;IC57902 ;IC57903 ;IC57918 ;IC58590 ;IC58617 ;IC58751 ;IC58897 ;IC58970 ;IC59146 ;IC59232 ;IC59341 ;IC59375 ;IC59701 ;IC59803 ;IC59999 ;IC60061 ;IC60063 ;IC60304 ;IC60331 ;IC60345 ;IC60571 ;IC60671 ;IC60760 ;IC61039 ;IC61156 ;IC61212 ;IC61313 ;IC61428 ;IC62136 ;IC63621 ;IC63800 ;IC64399 ;IC64400 ;IC64405 ;IC64431 ;IC64437 ;IC64910 ;IY80410 ;IY80806 ;IY80952 ;IY81353 ;IY81358 ;IY81628 ;IY81661 ;IY81671 ;IY81714 ;IY81774 ;IY81875 ;IY81906 ;IY81941 ;IY81945 ;IY82078 ;IY82241 ;IY82297 ;IY82419 ;IY82779 ;IY82806 ;IY82889 ;IY83093 ;IY83272 ;IY83321 ;IY83372 ;IY83535 ;IY83588 ;IY83704 ;IY83775 ;IY83778 ;IY84127 ;IY84356 ;IY84410 ;IY84479 ;IY84659 ;IY84777 ;IY84934 ;IY84998 ;IY85203 ;IY85541 ;IY85542 ;IY85622 ;IY85679 ;IY86287 ;IY86322 ;IY86343 ;IY86361 ;IY86365 ;IY86541 ;IY86600 ;IY86606 ;IY86827 ;IY86828 ;IY87162 ;IY87173 ;IY87192 ;IY87310 ;IY87523 ;IY87626 ;IY87638 ;IY87797 ;IY87802 ;IY87804 ;IY87834 ;IY88140 ;IY88151 ;IY88246 ;IY88283 ;IY88509 ;IY88514 ;IY88551 ;IY88873 ;IY88948 ;IY88954 ;IY89259 ;IY89374 ;IY89484 ;IY89548 ;IY89674 ;IY89729 ;IY89755 ;IY90046 ;IY90227 ;IY90244 ;IY90460 ;IY90548 ;IY90566 ;IY90707 ;IY90712 ;IY90873 ;IY90995 ;IY91269 ;IY91348 ;IY91510 ;IY91959 ;IY92011 ;IY92016 ;IY92051 ;IY92141 ;IY92194 ;IY92196 ;IY92377 ;IY92390 ;IY92441 ;IY92447 ;IY92929 ;IY92963 ;IY93095 ;IY93129 ;IY93155 ;IY93324 ;IY93408 ;IY93506 ;IY93655 ;IY94013 ;IY94250 ;IY94369 ;IY94451 ;IY94625 ;IY94674 ;IY94700 ;IY94811 ;IY94832 ;IY94876 ;IY94977 ;IY95078 ;IY95181 ;IY95255 ;IY95370 ;IY95485 ;IY95508 ;IY95513 ;IY95538 ;IY95544 ;IY95555 ;IY95566 ;IY95706 ;IY96055 ;IY96066 ;IY96150 ;IY96282 ;IY96442 ;IY96630 ;IY96879 ;IY96924 ;IY96959 ;IY97159 ;IY97558 ;IY97580 ;IY97736 ;IY97755 ;IY98258 ;IY98550 ;IY98585 ;IY98620 ;IY98777 ;IY98973 ;IY99050 ;IY99051 ;IY99057 ;IY99181 ;IY99200 ;IY99415 ;IY99598 ;IY99683 ;IY99912 ;IZ00349 ;IZ00380 ;IZ00609 ;IZ00896 ;IZ01058 ;IZ01151 ;IZ01272 ;IZ01402 ;IZ01512 ;IZ01580 ;IZ01599 ;IZ01794 ;IZ01835 ;IZ02442 ;IZ02497 ;IZ02512 ;IZ02777 ;IZ02915 ;IZ03090 ;IZ03678 ;IZ04163 ;IZ04394 ;IZ04523 ;IZ04683 ;IZ04767 ;IZ04971 ;IZ05005 ;IZ05013 ;IZ05045 ;IZ05057 ;IZ05307 ;IZ05527 ;IZ05653 ;IZ05792 ;IZ05857 ;IZ05950 ;IZ06097 ;IZ06131 ;IZ06614 ;IZ06672 ;IZ07198 ;IZ07206 ;IZ07210 ;IZ07297 ;IZ07778 ;IZ07794 ;IZ07905 ;IZ08014 ;IZ08180 ;IZ08596 ;IZ08748 ;IZ08754 ;IZ08783 ;IZ08829 ;IZ09338 ;IZ09339 ;IZ09383 ;IZ09419 ;IZ09519 ;IZ09591 ;IZ09658 ;IZ10060 ;IZ10294 ;IZ10757 ;IZ10800 ;IZ10869 ;IZ11153 ;IZ11458 ;IZ12149 ;IZ12159 ;IZ12208 ;IZ12274 ;IZ12283 ;IZ12497 ;IZ12536 ;IZ12700 ;IZ12795 ;IZ12796 ;IZ12827 ;IZ13135 ;IZ13144 ;IZ13144 ;IZ13247 ;IZ13512 ;IZ14005 ;IZ14279 ;IZ14399 ;IZ14812 ;IZ14977 ;IZ15456 ;IZ15677 ;IZ16645 ;IZ17062 ;IZ17156 ;IZ17158 ;IZ17303 ;IZ17313 ;IZ17341 ;IZ18103 ;IZ18142 ;IZ18598 ;IZ18716 ;IZ18954 ;IZ19009 ;IZ19340 ;IZ19555 ;IZ20546 ;IZ20758 ;IZ21318 ;IZ21977 ;IZ22019 ;IZ22272 ;IZ22725 ;IZ22727 ;IZ23058 ;IZ23230 ;IZ23438 ;IZ23780 ;IZ23789 ;IZ23839 ;IZ23943 ;IZ24069 ;IZ24186 ;IZ24944 ;IZ25171 ;IZ25614 ;IZ25622 ;IZ25889 ;IZ26009 ;IZ26191 ;IZ26339 ;IZ26894 ;IZ27491 ;IZ28253 ;IZ28473 ;IZ30207 ;IZ30247 ;IZ30457 ;IZ30565 ;IZ30995 ;IZ31185 ;IZ31193 ;IZ31348 ;IZ31897 ;IZ32305 ;IZ32752 ;IZ32933 ;IZ32933 ;IZ33281 ;IZ33489 ;IZ33796 ;IZ33798 ;IZ34125 ;IZ34130 ;IZ35444 ;IZ35444 ;IZ35844 ;IZ35884 ;IZ36469 ;IZ36482 ;IZ36500 ;IZ36875 ;IZ36924 ;IZ36978 ;IZ37511 ;IZ38169 ;IZ38484 ;IZ38767 ;IZ38922 ;IZ39475 ;IZ40124 ;IZ40337 ;IZ40677 ;IZ40708 ;IZ40802 ;IZ40824 ;IZ41026 ;IZ41187 ;IZ41369 ;IZ42215 ;IZ42282 ;IZ42583 ;IZ42988 ;IZ43635 ;IZ44552 ;IZ44556 ;IZ44595 ;IZ44619 ;IZ45122 ;IZ45279 ;IZ47182 ;IZ47195 ;IZ50784 ;SE36657 ;SE36964 ;SE37006 ;IC58895 ;IC58548 ;IC58381 ;IC58380 ;IC58525 ;IC58635 ;IC58637 ;IC59103 ;IC59180 ;IY83535 ;IC57863 ;IC57862 ;IC58914 ;IC59029 ;IC58896 ;IC60535 ;IC61061;IC61167;IC61509;IC62539 ;IC62815 ;IC62956 ;IC63653 ;IC63701 ;IC64115 ;IC65822 ;IC67334 ;IC68636 ;IC68640 ;IC69630 ;IC69797 ;IC73235 ;IC73595 ;IC73886 ;IZ34170 ;IZ44963 ;IZ47841 ;IZ47849 ;IZ48306 ;IZ49302 ;IZ49504;IZ49572 ;IZ49676 ;IZ49717 ;IZ49783 ;IZ49925 ;IZ50135 ;IZ50357 ;IZ50800 ;IZ50928 ;IZ51029 ;IZ51174 ;IZ51225 ;IZ51588 ;IZ51686 ;IZ51728 ;IZ51783 ;IZ52214 ;IZ52710 ;IZ52806 ;IZ52974 ;IZ52992 ;IZ53024 ;IZ53228 ;IZ53494 ;IZ54314 ;IZ54354 ;IZ54623 ;IZ55012 ;IZ55839 ;IZ56123 ;IZ56211 ;IZ56549 ;IZ58882 ;IZ59533 ;IZ59641 ;IZ60606 ;IZ61995 ;IZ62155 ;IZ62508 ;IZ62777 ;IZ63358 ;IZ63692 ;IZ64138 ;IZ64432 ;IZ64679 ;IZ65182 ;IZ65198 ;IZ65415 ;IZ66287 ;IZ66745 ;IZ66777 ;IZ67672 ;IZ68066 ;IZ69131 ;IZ69490 ;IZ69642 ;IZ69971 ;IZ70015 ;IZ70135 ;IZ70204 ;IZ70961 ;IZ71466 ;IZ72101 ;IZ73505 ;IZ73969 ;IZ74076 ;IZ74729 ;IZ75566 ;IZ75589 ;IZ76946

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15 June 2018