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Collecting Data for Spectrum Protect: Performance



This technote is the primary source for performance problem data collection for the family of Spectrum Protect Products.

Resolving The Problem

Collecting Data: Table of Contents:

General information
Data collection

General information

Performance problems are often very complex in nature. When troubleshooting, it's common that resolving one bottleneck uncovers another. For that reason, the data collection for most problems is comprehensive to minimize the number of requests for data.

Some of the performance problems are known issues that may have a fix or solution readily available. Consult the Spectrum Protect Support Page and search for the symptoms observed. Here are some example of searches:

  • slow backup
  • slow restore
  • expiration performance
  • replication performance

Many performance problems can be avoided by adhering to best practices and to the blueprint. Here are some important links to assist with performance:

Data collection

The data that needs to be collected will vary depending on the component or product. The performance questionnaire is common to all Spectrum Protect components and needs to be filled out in order to have an understanding of the configuration.


In addition to the performance questionnaire, here are the links to the data collection for common components:

Related Information

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05 May 2020