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How to properly clear Microsoft's Internet Information Service (IIS) configurations to setup new configuration of IIS to support IBM Cognos



This step is recommended to take before to reconfiguring Microsoft's Internet Information Service as described here:
  • Configuring IIS with Cognos Analytics
  • Automate the configuration of Microsoft's Internet Information Service to support IBM Cognos Analytics


Attempting to overwrite your IIS configurations with new configurations can cause conflicts and different issues in your environment.
The appropriate way is to clear all your configurations associated with the previous IIS instance before proceeding

Resolving The Problem

Here's the guideline to follow before starting a fresh manual IIS installation or running the script
- Open IIS
- Click Application Pools
- Select the Cognos 11 App Pool and stop it
- Expand everything
- Select the ibmcognos -> sso application and remove it
- Select the ibmcognos application and remove it
- Click Application Pools, select the Cognos app pool, and delete it
- Close IIS

Open your file explorer
- Navigate to the Cognos gateway install directory
- Delete the following web.config files:
  • cgi-bin\web.config
  • webcontent\web.config
  • webcontent\bi\web.config
For more recent releases see the document reference in "Related URL" section. 

Note -- do not delete 'Default Website'. If 'Default Website' is deleted, follow this technote to reinstate it prior to running IIS automation script --

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Modified date:
20 October 2021