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QRadar: Napatech monitoring tools have changed from QRadar versions 7.2.x to 7.3.x



Napatech monitoring tools do not function correctly after upgrade to QRadar 7.3.x


The directory and the tools that are leveraged to monitor Napatech interfaces have changed in 7.3.x installations.

Resolving The Problem

AdapterInfo, DriverLog, LinkTool, Statistics were available in QRadar 7.2.x versions, from within the /opt/napatech/bin directory. However, in QRadar 7.3.x, the new equivalent commands now reside within /opt/napatech3/bin directory.

The command adapterinfo lists.

    • Revisions of firmware running on the card.
    • The number or ports on the card.
    • Maximum values for payload throughput.
The command productinfo lists.
    • Part Numbers.
    • Serial numbers.
    • Image Builds.
The command monitoring show's your current port's link status, Type, RX, and TX packets.

These commands would be used in this manor.



In order to restart the Napatech interface, it's usually best to restart the Qflow and the Napatech3 service by using these commands:
systemctl restart qflow
systemctl restart napatech3

Note: Restarting these services may result in an interruption in log collection. Please plan on a scheduled outage before running these commands.

The Difference between napatech commands for QRadar 7.2.x versions and QRadar 7.3.x versions.
Command QRadar 7.2.x QRadar 7.3.x
Basic hardware info /opt/napatech/bin/AdapterInfo -adapter 0  /opt/napatech3/bin/productinfo
Advanced hardware info /opt/napatech/bin/FpgaImageStatus /opt/napatech3/bin/adapterinfo
Monitoring /opt/napatech/bin/statistics /opt/napatech3/bin/monitoring

You can now monitor your Napatech card's interface.

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