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CNC-MON-0024 Monitor Service paging error: Invalid column name 'TENANT_ID'



This error is seen under Current Activities in Cognos Administration.


CNC-MON-0024 Monitor Service paging error: Invalid column name 'TENANT_ID' seen inCognos Administration-> Status -> Current Activities


Corruption in the data present in NC tables.



Resolving The Problem

Dropping the NC tables that use the NC_DROP_<Database>.sql script resolves the issue.

Note: - If you have configured a notification database, then you must follow these steps in the notification database and not in the content store. So whatever steps are mentioned for content store needs to be done for Notification database

The following are the steps for dropping the NC tables:

1- Stop Cognos Service
2- Have the Database Administrator back up the Complete Cognos content store database.
3- Connect to content store database using a database tool and with the same login as provided for Content store in Cognos configuration run the NC_DROP script found in the appropriate location depending on the database on which your content store is:

<Install Location>\configuration\schemas\delivery\oracle\NC_DROP_ORA.sql
<Install Location>\configuration\schemas\delivery\db2\NC_DROP_DB2.sql
<Install Location>\configuration\schemas\delivery\sqlserver\NC_DROP_MS.sql

You should not receive any error message in the script that you execute.

4- Start the Cognos service from within Cognos Configuration.  This will recreate all the NC tables.

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15 June 2018