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Query runs slowly on Microsoft SQL Server (MS-SQL Server) 2014 causing poor performance when using IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (RDNG)



One query runs slowly on MS-SQL Server 2014 causing poor performance in Rational DOORS Next Generation. The issue can appear when using DNG directly or when linking to DNG artifacts from other applications due to a problem with the MS-SQL Server query optimizer.


  • Poor performance navigating artifacts in Rational DOORS Next Generation
  • Poor performance when linking test cases or change requests to Rational DOORS Next Generation artifacts


The following queries run slowly on MS-SQL 2014:

where ((t1.MODIFIED >= 1439223526995) and (t1.MODIFIED <= 1439227964021)
and (t1.URI like REPLACE(N'storage/%', N'[', N'[[') ESCAPE N'['
or t1.URI like REPLACE(N'baselines/%', N'[', N'[[') ESCAPE N'['
or t1.URI like REPLACE(N'reindex/%', N'[', N'[[') ESCAPE N'['))
order by t1.MODIFIED asc

where ((t1.MODIFIED >= 1507049147346)
and (t1.MODIFIED <= 1507049184944)
and (t1.URI like REPLACE('storage/%', '[', '[[') ESCAPE '[' or t1.URI like REPLACE('baselines/%', '[', '[[') ESCAPE '[' or t1.URI like REPLACE('reindex/%', '[', '[[') ESCAPE '['))


CLM using Microsoft SQL Server 2014 or higher

Diagnosing The Problem

Microsoft SQL Server "SQL Profiler" can monitor query performance as well as the built-in "querystats" capability of CLM's repodebug.

The queries above should complete very quickly (within the 1ms - 10ms range). If the queries are shown to be running for longer than a few seconds, we suggest reverting to the SQL Server 2012 optimizer. When running SQL Server 2014, trace flag 9481 on the query forces the SQL Server to use the SQL Server 2012 cardinality estimator that performs much better for these queries. This can be done at the query level or at the database level.

Resolving The Problem

To resolve this issue:

  1. Set the database compatibility mode to 110 (SQL Server 2012) and restart DNG
  2. Enable the trace flag 9481 on the poor performing queries
  3. Contact Microsoft support to determine the root cause of the 2014 optimizer performing much worse than the 2012 optimizer. IBM has not been able to reproduce this problem with in-house data on SQL Server 2014 and therefore cannot pursue a solution with Microsoft directly. So far no customers have opted to pursue this path, but if you do, please contact us if you are presented with an alternative solution that is not mentioned here.
  4. If the above solutions are not desired, you might consider adding the following index on the DNG database, however please note this has proven to have limited success and might regress when SQL Server automatically gathers statistics.



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