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How can I get help with using the QRadar API?


QRadar REST API is documented in IBM Knowledge Center RESTful API section. Before you request assistance with the QRadar API, make sure that have tested the API functionality in our online API doc. To test any API query, go to https://<Console IP Address>/api_doc. In newer versions of QRadar, the API can be accessed through the Help > Interactive API for Developers menu from the QRadar Dashboard.

Figure 1: Use the Help menu to access the interactive API in QRadar.

Where to get API support?
QRadar Support will take support tickets on problems or functional/framework issues with the QRadar API. For example, if API calls fail to return data correctly, stability issues, or data returned with unexpected results, then QRadar Support will troubleshoot API issues with customers. QRadar Support will also open Request for Enhancements on behalf of the user or administrator for new API features.

To open a service request for an API issue, see:

Helpful content to include in your service request:
  • The API version
  • REST API calls that you made
  • Error messages returned
  • A screen capture from the Interactive API for Developers

I Have API Questions, Where Do I Learn More?
QRadar Support does not take service requests for API questions, best practices, or general usage. Questions about how to use the API or certain parts of it are not in the scope of QRadar Customer Support team and are best directed to our QRadar Forums. Both customer support representatives and developers monitor these forums.

NOTE: It is important when using the QRadar forums that you include the tag 'qradar' in your question and also the 'api' tag to ensure that your question is visible to the proper support and development personnel.

Where do you find more information?

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