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Creating Constraints In Scheduler 7.6.3

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Can constraints be created in Scheduler 7.6.3?


The steps to create Constraints in Maximo Scheduler 7.6.3 have changed from how it worked in previous versions. In the previous version one had to draw the lines from task to task, this process has changed.

Here are the steps to now create constraints from task to task.

1. Here we have a work order with 3 task.

Each task has a date in the start no earlier and finish no later than field as needed.

2. Create the Graphical Scheduling record, make sure to add the parent work order. Constraints will not work if the parent work order is not part of the query. Move to the Gantt View tab, Select the task you would like to create the constraints against.

3. Press the create Constraint For Selected Work button.

Here is what it will look like once the constraints have been created.

4. Highlight the arrow by clicking on it once, and then right click to bring the options.

5. Select edit to view the options available.

You can connect your constraints using any of those 4 available options. A lead or lag time can also be added as needed. Once that has all been selected as needed, press OK. Once back on the Gantt View tab, press the perform critical path method and it will schedule the task as needed.

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17 June 2018