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Couldn't validate parameters error logging in with IBM Datacap



Users are unable to log in with any client to any application. The Taskmaster Server (tms) log shows: Connect couldn't validate parameters


This is most commonly seen on a new installed Taskmaster Server. Users attempting to login will receive a message stating that they cannot connect to the admin database.


Encryption is not yet fully set up, so FIPS key information cannot be located.

Resolving The Problem

If this is a new server where Datacap has never been run and encryption has not been set up at all, follow the instructions at Exporting encryption keys.

If this is an existing server or a new server where the previous steps have been completed, distribute the dc_ktf.xml file to the client folder for all clients that will be used following the instructions at Importing encryption keys to Datacap computers.

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17 June 2018