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Constraints Between Work Orders Could Not Be Created Within the Gantt View



It is not possible to add constraints between work orders in the Gantt view? The cross is visible however the red line is not drawn in the Gantt view.


The Constraint links in Red are not created


Verified with TPAE and Scheduler and TPAE 7.6 and Scheduler

Diagnosing The Problem

For example following these steps to reproduce the problem will show the screen in the Gantt View.

Go to -> Work Order -> Work Order Tracking
Search for a WOs of status APPR. Like for example 1170
Move to the "Related Records" tab
In the Related Work Orders section -> New Row
For example use Work Order 1184 -> Save
Then Work Order 1185 -> Save
Then Work Order 1186 -> Save

You should now have a Workorder 1170 with 3 Related Work Orders

GoTo-> Planning and Scheduling -> Scheduler
Create new Schedule -> name for example Parent
Create a "Work Query" with "Where Condition" as "(status='APPR')

Note: This is only to simplify the amount of WOs shown on screen.

Then select tab "Gantt View" to display all the WOs with status APPR

Scroll to the WO 1184, 1185, 1186 selected earlier
Select the "Insert Constraints" symbol or press CTRL+C
Going to the Graphical WO 1184 and try and link it to 1185
Then nothing happens
The expectation would have been a red line that joins both objects

Resolving The Problem

There are two thing that must be in place to enable the Constraints to be created.

1. The WO must be a "Parent WO" relationship. Being "RELATED" is not the same thing as sharing a coming parent. Two work orders can be related without having the same parent work order defined. (ie, RELATED and SAME PARENT is not the same thing).

In Scheduler, the CPM works ONLY for work orders that have the same PARENT WORKORDER. (ie, check the Parent WO field in the Work Order).

2. The Parent WO and Children must be visible in the Work Query Condition in Scheduler Gantt Chart.

So if the "Work Query" with "Where Condition" in Scheduler is excluding the Parent it will no longer meet the criteria to be displayed in the Gantt View. Therefore the Constraint Links will not be possible and will not be created.

Example of the working Constraint Link:

Related Information

[{"Product":{"code":"SS9NUN","label":"Maximo Asset Management Scheduler"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU055","label":"Cognitive Applications"},"Component":"--","Platform":[{"code":"PF025","label":"Platform Independent"}],"Version":"7.5;7.6.1","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB02","label":"AI Applications"}}]

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17 June 2018