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Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS V9.5 and V10.1, Is COBOL V5 Really A Pre-req?

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In the document for the pre-reqs for Content Manager OnDemand it states that COBOL V5 is a pre-req. Is that so? What specific function of COBOL V5 is required by Content Manager OnDemand?


Additional documentation required.


Actually, COBOL V4 should work just fine with Content Manager OnDemand for z/OS 9.5 or 10.1. However, only COBOL V5 was extensively tested. Also, all of the sample JCL in the SARSINST dataset for compiling COBOL programs only has the compiler options for COBOL V5 - which has changed from COBOL V4.

There is no new function for COBOL V5 being exploited as of this writing, however that could change at anytime - though it is unlikely to do so.

As COBOL V4 is technically unsupported for CMOD V9.5 and later, should there be a problem, be advised that Content Manager OnDemand support may request recompilation with COBOL V5.


Related to this is that the PTF requires the following LE fixes:


Note:  you don't need COBOL V5.2, just the following LE updates:

PTF#     Reason Listed       Size-KB PUT  Hiper FMID     
-------- ------------------- ------- ---- ----- ---------
UI25310  ORDERED               1749  1502  NO   HLE7780   
UI26506  PE-RES of UI25310     1743  1504  NO   HLE7780   

PTF#     Reason Listed       Size-KB PUT  Hiper FMID     
-------- ------------------- ------- ---- ----- ---------
UI25311  ORDERED               1749  1502   NO  HLE7790 
UI26507  PE-RES of UI25311     1743  1504   NO  HLE7790 

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18 June 2019