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Is VARCHAR data type supported in InfoSphere Information Server Information Analyzer Column Analysis?

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In InfoSphere Information Analyzer is it possible to use VARCHAR(MAX)?


The VARCHAR data type using the max keyword is not supported in Information Analyzer. The MAX value equates to very large number and effectively maps this data type into a LONGVARCHAR ODBC data type when imported and processed by the ODBC connector in Information Server. That is why these VARCHAR(max) columns are imported with a length of zero and have a Column Analyzes Status of "Cannot Analyze" in Information Analyzer.

One possible workaround is to create a view on the physical table and cast those varchar(max) columns to varchar(512).
Information Analyzer will then be able to analyze that table view along with those columns.
* Note that that 512 is the maximum length for string values that can be processed by IA without truncation and possible job failures if the Update Existing Tables option is enabled.

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16 June 2018