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How Asset Name are updated in the QRadar user interface

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Why does the Asset Name on the summary screen seem to take longer to update than the asset details?


There are two separate processes that updates the asset information on the summary screen. After the Update Resolution Manager processes the data it passes the asset information to two persister processes, which are the 'Top Tier Persister' process and the 'Bottom Tier Persister' process.

The Top Tier Persister process is responsible for updating most of the asset information that displayed on Asset Details page. The asset name is not part of the Top Tier Persister process.

The Bottom Tier Persister process usually lags behind the Top Tier Persister processing, sometimes quite significantly. Therefore, the Asset Name may not get updated simultaneously when the details are updated. The time it takes for an asset to be updated is dependant on system load and how many assets are being resolved and the process will catch up and show the updated asset name on the summary screen.

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01 April 2020