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QRadar: Unable to perform deploy changes



An administrator is trying to deploy changes from the user interface; however, a message is displayed saying that another deploy is currently in progress.


Error: There is another deployment currently in progress, please try again later. Click here to continue.


This issue might be caused by to a previous deploy changes that has failed on one or more managed hosts.


QRadar v7.2 or higher

Diagnosing The Problem

To determine the status of a deploy changes, the support representative can look at the information in /store/tmp/status.


  1. Log in to the Console using the root account.
  2. To view a list of hosts, type ls -latr /store/tmp/status | grep deployment
  3. To view the current status of the last deploy, type cat /store/tmp/status/deployment."IP"

    Where "IP" represent the IP address of the managed host. For example:

  4. If the status is "In Progress", then that managed host needs to be reviewed.
  5. Using SSH, log in to the managed host that dispalyed "In Progress" and perform a get_logs from either the user interface or from the command line to complete a more in-depth analysis.

Resolving The Problem

A potential workaround for a deploy in progress is to attempt to repair a host. To do this, the support representative can attempt to move the files and restart hostcontext on the managed host.


  1. Using SSH, log in to the Console appliance as the root user.
  2. Open an SSH session from the Console to the Managed host.
  3. Move the /store/tmp/status/deployment."IP" file(s) to a temporary directory.
    For example, mv /store/tmp/status/deployment."" /tmp

    Warning: Restarting hostcontext on an managed host stops a number of services and impact event collection capability of the managed host until services are restarted. This process should only be done during a maintenance window or at the request of a QRadar Support Representative.
  4. To restart hostcontext on the Managed host(s), type service hostcontext restart (7.2 and lower), systemctl restart hostcontext (7.3 and above).
  5. Log in to the QRadar Console.
  6. Click the Admin tab.
  7. From the toolbar, click Deploy Changes.

    The deploy changes should complete without an error message.

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31 March 2020